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Private Fly joins 360 Villas

We love it when a luxury plan comes together...and this really is A Team. 360 Private Villas and Private Fly can bring you the latest in modern swish villas, but now coupled with a private jet or private helicopter.

There are other ways to travel, but for unadulterated pleasure and convenience we say strolling onto a private charter just about gets the nod ahead of deciding whether to join the quick boarding queue of your favourite no frills airline or opt for the other one (thats the one where you might not even get to sit with your party unless you pay a little more and then worry if your hand luggage is going to fit in the already full overhead lockers...)

Our latest get together with them involved a spot of ski...have a look at the Ultimate Chamonix Ski Experience.

We are proud then to announce our allegiance with Private Fly who say:

"With offices in UK and USA and booking platforms across 13 territories, PrivateFly has seen sustained growth every year since launch and is one of the most recognised, talked-about and trusted private aviation businesses. In May, 2016 PrivateFly ranked fourth in the Sunday Times Heathrow SME Track 100 for fastest growing export success..

PrivateFly is regularly featured in media such as FT, Forbes, Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, CNN, BBC...with CEO & founder Adam Twidell (a former RAF and NetJets pilot) providing comment and opinion on industry news. Adam Twidell also holds advisory roles with leading industry organisations BACA and EBAA.

Safety and due diligence measures are of the utmost importance. PrivateFly only have accredited aircraft in their network and have been recognised by industry authorities such as Argus for the highest level of operating standards.  

PrivateFly is the preferred private jet supplier to a growing network of clients including corporate and luxury partners, HNWI and families, government and royal households. " ...and 360!