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Top 5 St Tropez Restaurants

French food is one of lifes finest pleasures - so much has been written, said and filmed about it. Any budding home chef will have recipes for salad Nicoise, Coq au Vin, chicken Fricassee, steak Diane, boullabaisse and other mouth watering dishes (no sign of frogs legs at all) although snails are something that everyone should try once.

Personally I am a firm advocate of French cooking (possibly second to Italian, who have mastered all of the best things in life) and would cite Cassoulet as my fave dish. We all have our personal likes and dislikes, but how much does the environment affect the meal? Obviously basking in the sunshine sipping a cooling rose wine are two acts that complement each other perfectly, but being in the south of France in the glitzy, stylish resort of St Tropez with masterclass cooking taking place all around, we say a top destination deserves some of the best eateries. 

Having tested a few ourselves over time, we highlight our top 5. If you ever get to visit them - or indeed others that should possibly take their place - please let us know!

Le Sporting
This was a place I visited several times on my last visit to this great town, mainly because its well priced and a burger and beer don't break the bank. Great atmosphere and close to the hub in Place des Lices. A place you can relax in, no need to dress up. Just enjoy.

Brasserie des Arts
Just across the square is the Brasserie des Arts - slightly more upscale than your average brasserie, there is well chosen fare on offer. Take a pew in the terrace out front and make sure you are noticed by passers-by (after all St Tropez is a place to be seen in), pop open a glass of something refreshing and order the scallops. 

Au Caprice des Deux
This one will demand a little more searching to locate being down a narrow side street and locals also eating here is a good sign, despite the prices. Try the house foie gras (given its a slightly controversial dish, you can safely eat it out of sight).

La Ramade
This is a taste of Provence (in a glass as well if you wish), with unpretentious rabbit, duck and grilled fish on offer. A quieter spot to relax, off the main drag. 

Bistro Canaille
This one is THE place - we say it - so it must be. Perfectly located in the old village, outdoor dining, this is trendy French cuisine. Whats more, the service is also impeccable, even in the height of summer when waiters look hot and flustered, so will you be served in an ever graceful way. Classic French food with a contemporary angle. Our winner.